Six Ways we Love to Style our Oversized Sweaters

Our Favorite ways to style an Oversized Sweater

Summer is long gone and we're trading our flip flops and tank tops in for over the knee boots and comfy cozy sweaters. We wanted to give you Lovey's some inspo on how to style and wear an oversized sweater this fall season. If you don’t have one then you should surely add this one to your wardrobe for this fall. We want every woman to look sassy and charming, so we are going to tell you different ways to style an oversized sweater. Here ya go Sis!

Faux/ Vegan Leather Leggings

If you have faux leather leggings, then pair them up with an oversized sweater. This pairing will make you look chic and edgy. Leather is the best fabric for fall and winter as it helps to keep us warm and make us look stylish. You can wear boots, heels and even sneakers with this look. By styling an oversized sweater with faux leather leggings, you will make everyone envious of you!

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Skinny Jeans/ Mom Jeans

If you want to look simple yet stylish then you can pair an oversized sweater with your skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will give you that soft polished look. One of my

favorite looks to wear is Mom Jeans with and oversized sweater tucked in, you can always add a belt with this look for a little extra zest.

The Art of Layering

Never fall for the myth that you can’t layer your oversized sweater, you can easily layer it with many things. You can pair a long coat with an oversized sweater, or you can wear a collard white shirt to give you that crisp, expensive appearance. Both of these looks will look great on you.

Knee High Boots

You can skip your bottoms in fall by wearing knee high boots with an oversized sweater. Knee high boots will great and keep your legs warm. This is one of our favorite looks as it makes a woman look so dramatic, sexy and dreamy. Try out this look and make each and every head turn.

With Dresses or Skirts

We are also in love with wearing an oversized sweater with dresses and pleated skirts and we can’t get over this look! You can wear oversized sweater with a long bodycon dress or simple and even printed dress, your options are endless with this look. Also, pair them up with some pumps, white sneakers or black boots for a chic look!

Adding Cute Accessories

Oversized sweaters can be made more edgy and stylish by wearing cute accessories. Chunky gold hoop earrings and chunky gold necklaces are making headlines this fall. They make an outfit look more expensive and amazing. If you have don’t have these jewelry items, then you can wear simple hoop earrings or dangling earrings as well. Wide brimmed wool hats are also a go to for accessories this fall.

We hope you enjoyed our Oversized Sweater guide and that you enjoy your 2020 fall season whether you’re at home or with friends!  We love seeing you in your Bonjour Lovey outfits! Tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and website at use hashtag #bonloveybabe

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